A whimsical and colorful watercolor artist, Sallie has been creating since she picked up her first crayon. She also works in photography, mixed media and 3-D design with carved sheetrock. Influenced and inspired by international travel, her art often reflects that of a variety of cultures.

My work often reflects that of emotion, combining a sadness with tranquility. My work falls under expressionistic, abstract and surrealism. Although my paintings tend to be colorful, the subject matter may be that of thoughtfulness and uncertainty.

“Listening to music while I create has a tremendous impact on the outcome of my paintings, thus the eclectic style due to my love of all music.

New Work

Sallie Cross

I have a studio at
Art Hive Artists Studios


Studio 3, 203 Cortez St. in downtown Prescott

Art Walk every 4th Friday of the month.

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